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Over a decade ago, I had opened a brick and mortar store as e-commerce was not available for those who weren’t tech savvy. Inspired by the fashion jewelry stores of New York, I thought I’d bring some of the sparkle and elegance to the Sacramento Valley. My business took off and in a short time I thought of expanding. By 2002 I had two stores, had commercials running on TV and a local fashion segment was filmed in my downtown store. 

During the years in which my stores were in operation, I was able to buy directly from importers and artisans who hand crafted their jewelry. One of the things I prided myself on the most was the high quality of the Austrian crystal that was used, and the workmanship of each piece. I compared my fashion jewelry’s quality to that of high end department stores, at a fraction of the price. 

During my childhood, elegance was the mark of unbridled femininity and I wanted to carry on that tradition. My love for jewelry and accessorization made my job all the easier. That all ended in 2006 when the recession hit.  That year both my leases came up for renewal and with no one knowing how long the recession would last, I packed up all of my accessories and put them in storage.

During the following years, I fell back on my old occupation in order to survive, shelving the thought of having my own business or working for myself. Putting away my dream to  own a store and provide high quality fashion accessories. 
In 2020, when the pandemic hit, my current source of income became limited, and although close to retirement, I wasn’t ready to retire. But I had time. Time to learn about e-commerce, time to revisit my dream, and time start my store over again, but this time online.   I began looking around to compare what was out there and found that today this quality of jewelry is rarely made, thus making it truly unique. So, please come and enjoy my collection. Take your time, and browse. I am available to answer questions about any piece at webjewerlystore@yahoo.com. I do hope you like what you find.

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